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Their bright minds and musical talents will change the world!

All New Books Coming Soon for 2023!

Derived from the life and imagination of children's author Anthony D. Moore, the SandBox Kidz is the story of a generation of young musicians brought together by their musical talents and the Will of God.

Their mission:

To bring people of diverse backgrounds together

through music and ministry! 

Born in Riverside, CA and raised in the small notorious neighborhood of Casa Blanca, "Smooth Bass"  rises to overcome hardship with love and music.


Born in Shenzhen, China,
丹妮尔 (Danielle) grew up with a love for the guitar. Coming from a humble background her parents love and support her talents. Soon, others will too.

Born in Macon, Georgia, "Slim Carl" was raised on a farm where he learned hard work pays off! His gift for playing drums comes from working smart and loving music.

SBK Drums02.png

Born and raised in Cancun, Mexico, Sasha works hard to make her parents proud. But music is in her blood and soon that gift, her golden voice, will be used to bring joy and love.

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