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Which one will YOU be?!

Sandbox Kidz Productions in association with JAG3 will be holding auditions in South Carolina and Atlanta in mid Summer to cast a Brand New Youth group to help motivate and promote healthy living, overcoming challenges, and giving children the tools to make their dreams come true!

Through the visionary mind of Anthony Moore, the creator of the Sandbox Kidz comes a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring his beloved children's story characters to life! We will be casting the following roles:

Smooth Bass Tony: African American, Plays the bass, sings and moves well. Age 21-25

Dynamic Danielle: Asian, plays the guitar, sings, and moves well. Age 21-25

Slim Carl the Drummer: Caucasian, plays the drums, sings and moves well. Age 21-25

Super Sasha: Latina American, sings and plays other instruments and moves well. Age 21-25


To post your interest in these roles we ask that you email us your resume as well as any links you may have on Youtube of your talent. We do ask that you provide a one-two min. max audition reel of your talent and ability to either sing, play the drums, guitar, or bass.

The selection process will be ongoing throughout July and August.

The main event will take place on September 20th at the

Atrium in Atlanta, Georgia!

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