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Help us raise money for The Sandbox Kidz Animated Project!

Your donation will help us bring this extraordinary series to life as we unlock the potential within every child, celebrating and spreading joy worldwide. Help us create a  future where children thrive and build a brighter tomorrow through our animated children's series!

Join us in our mission to help children and parents discover the amazing world of The Sandbox Kidz, a group of four extraordinary characters designed to captivate young imaginations. With a special focus on children aged 5 to 12, they harness the power of music to make a difference in the lives of kids across the globe.

Each member of The Sandbox Kidz brings their unique talents and diverse backgrounds, coming together to form a harmonious force of unity and well-being. As musical superheroes, their mission is to empower children to overcome emotional and mental health challenges. By fostering collaboration and embracing various cultures, they inspire kids to break down barriers and live fulfilling lives.

At The Sandbox Kidz, we prioritize creating safe and nurturing environments where children can freely explore their true selves and discover endless possibilities. Our dedicated team believes in the transformative power of music, helping kids navigate through life's hurdles and find strength in their own voices.

The Prize: Phillips | Roku 55"  4K SMART TV
Phillips Roku 55" TV

NOTE: Only North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia Residents eligible to Enter.

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